Why Seeing a Pediatric Dentist by Age One Is So Important To Cavity Prevention

If you are a new parent, then chances you feel inundated by the barrage of information given to you about taking care of a baby. You have seen the doctors and nurses, been given huge amounts of unsolicited advice, and drawn the attention of numerous companies suddenly wanting you to invest with them for your child’s future.  But, how many people have stressed the importance of being sure your little one sees a pediatric dentist?

Most likely, that has not been mentioned. After all, your little one doesn’t even have visible teeth, yet. However, as we all know, that will happen at some point well before your child celebrates his or her first birthday.  Ideally your child’s first dental appointment should happen 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth or for most by age 1.

Seem strange? It really isn’t when you consider the following benefits of having your child see a pediatric dentist by age one:

  • Because dental problems can start early, so the sooner any concerns are identified, corrective measures can be taken.   Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!!
  • Problems identified at age 1 can correct and stop decay that is extremely difficult and expensive to fix if not caught until 3.
  • Your pediatric dentist has special training that can deal with precooperative young children safely and easily that  a general dentist would not be comfortable doing until 3 or later.
  • Starting your child at the dentist early prepares them for easy, and fun visits much faster than children who wait until they are older to maker their first visit.  Most patients at our office are doing a cleaning laying back in the chair like an adult after one or two visits!  We see this everyday.
  • Your pediatric dentist can make suggestions regarding pacifier usage, baby bottle tooth decay, teething irritations, gum disease and thumb sucking.
  • A pediatric dentist can show you how to brush your child’s teeth properly and easily—not all children are as cooperative as others so brushing can be a challenge for some parents.
  • They will explain the link between a healthy diet and healthy teeth.
  • A pediatric dentist can suggest ways to prevent teeth from being damaged and what to do in the case of an emergency.
  • A fluoride application can be made.

As a parent, there will be many things on the To Do List. But, when it comes to your child’s health, you don’t want to take chances. Having a pediatric dentist visit is one way to ensure that your child’s beautiful smile stays that way. If you have any questions regarding pediatric dental care, our office will be happy to answer you. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or ask your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.