When Should Kids Start Pediatrics for Dentistry?

One of the most important responsibilities as a parent is making sure your kid stays healthy. Scheduling and maintaining regular doctor visits is a great way to ensure that your child’s overall health is positive. The decision of when kids start pediatrics is a question that many new parents face, but an important one nonetheless. An industry that often gets overlooked in this question is that of pediatric dentistry. But your child’s teeth are just as important as the rest of their health!

So when is a good time to introduce your kid to the dentist? Well, experts recommend that your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled around the time of their first birthday. This will get your little one acquainted with the atmosphere of a pediatric dentist’s office so that they are more comfortable with their dental visits as they get older.

The First Dentist Visit for Toddlers

Many parents decide to wait to introduce their children to the dentist at a later time when there are more teeth to take care of, instead of the typical one or two that grow in around age 1. While this is not recommended, as even a few teeth need proper care, the first dentist visit for toddlers is just as important as the first visit for a one-year-old. You may worry that your toddler will be afraid during the appointment and will need your physical presence to calm them, but this is not the case.

More often than not, toddlers will be at ease without their parents in the room to distract them. Your child often looks to your cues, both deliberate and subconscious, when they decide how to react to a new situation. When you aren’t in the room with them during their first appointment, your toddler is more likely to stay calm with the pediatric professionals who have experience keeping a lighthearted and happy atmosphere.

Dentist Skills and Qualities to look for in Pediatrics

When shopping around for a pediatric dentist, there can be many establishments to choose from. What dentist skills and qualities are the best for your child’s needs? Well, a good pediatric dentist will be kid-friendly, highly-rated, and highly-trained. Want to know more about what makes a good children’s dentist? Read our past blog!

Your Local Pediatric Dentistry

The best children’s dentist is one that’s close to home. All Stars Pediatric Dentistry is a Cumming establishment that specializes in the pediatric care of kids and teens. Our team of experienced hygienists has the training and know-how to make your child’s visit fun and educational, regardless of whether it’s the first or the fiftieth appointment. Contact our office today to schedule your visit: (770) 292-9441

Frequently Asked Questions about All Stars Pediatric Dentistry

While this question is still being studied, excessive pacifier use has been linked to ear infections as well as causing tooth misalignment as your child’s baby teeth develop. Remember to cut back on your child’s pacifier use if you notice recurring ear infections.
While you should always seek natural remedies that don’t have any harmful chemicals when trying to improve your child’s oral health, it’s important to note that any major discoloration in their teeth should be addressed by a professional. Call your pediatric dentist if you notice any concerning colors in your kid’s teeth.
There are a variety of children’s dental floss brands in both grocery stores and drugstore chains. Ask your pediatric dentist about what products they recommend for your child. (770) 292-9441
Believe it or not, it is possible for your child to have sensitive teeth. There are many ways to address this issue, but what’s more important is to find out what’s causing it. All Stars Pediatric Dentistry has addressed this in our blog: Can children have sensitive teeth?