5 Ways to Make Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth Fun

Getting your little bundle of joy to sit still for a good tooth-brushing can seem like a Making Teeth Brushing Fundaunting task. However, you should never skip brushing teeth in favor of your child’s preference. Baby teeth can get cavities just like adult teeth, but with greater consequences. Since baby teeth are temporary and are just holding the place for adult teeth, any serious damage to them could mean long-term issues with adult teeth. Not to worry though! Staying vigilant of your child’s dental hygiene and maintaining regular visits to your local pediatric dentist will pave the way to a healthy smile and a happy child. Here are some tips to help you get there…

Let Them Customize Their Toothbrush


Get them stickers of their favorite characters or fun objects like flowers or stars. A toothbrush that’s shape is based on their top-watched TV show is always a plus. Depending on the materials that make up the toothbrush, you can even let them paint the handle to add some unique customization.

Give Them Something to do While You Brush


Get a simple toothbrush for them to use to brush a stuffed animal’s or even your own teeth while you work on them. Make up a song or a cheer to coincide with each tooth/section you brush. Keep them engaged in the process. This is an activity you both do together, not a battle.

Play A Song During Brushing


Find a 2-minute song (this is the recommended amount of time to spend brushing teeth) and dance during the length of the tune (don’t dance too hard! You need to get all those teeth properly clean). Small children have a hard time sitting still. Keeping them moving will make the process easier for you.

Let Them Help Out


Have them get the toothbrush, wet the bristles, and apply the toothpaste. Let them practice brushing by themselves here and there to help develop their motor skills and get them ready for brushing their teeth without help. They will probably make a mess, but the learning experience is worth it.

Get A Fun Toothpaste


Find a flavor they like. Switch between a few tastes now and then to add variety and keep things fun. Make them a part of the process in picking out their toothpaste. Look for packaging with their favorite characters.

Keeping your toddler engaged will make brushing their teeth a positive experience. It’s good to start them on good habits while their young, so that as they grow, these processes will be so ingrained into them that they’ll hardly think about maintaining good dental hygiene. Make brushing teeth and going to the dentist a fun experience! All Stars Pediatric Dentistry has more tips for a healthy smile and a happy child. Call today to learn more about a top-rated children’s dentist! 770-292-9441