5 Tips to Teach Kids to Floss Correctly

tips for flossing teethOne of the most important steps you can take to enhance your children’s dental care is to get them to brush and floss on a daily basis. Getting your kids to floss regularly is difficult. But it is even more difficult to get them to floss correctly. Check out these amazing tips to get your children’s flossing on the right track.

Involve Everyone

Kids aren’t really motivated to do anything, especially flossing on their own. Next time your kids need to floss, be sure to floss with them. This will not only make their flossing experience enjoyable, it can also be a teaching moment for you.

If you notice your kids struggling, you can help them right on the spot. It can also be fun for your kids to watch you floss while they are flossing. Also, by watching you floss, they will learn some correct and effective ways to floss their teeth.

Sing Songs

Children love to sing so make a song related to flossing part of their routine. Include steps related to flossing in the song so they can remember how to floss the right way. Not only will singing make flossing enjoyable for kids, it will also motivate them to make it a part of their bedtime routine in addition to brushing.


Positive reinforcement is a great way to get your kids to build the right flossing habit. Everytime they floss, congratulate them.. You can even promise them a special treat or gift if they floss correctly for a certain number of days. Besides special gifts, try to give your kids a sticker each time they floss or have the “floss fairy” leave them money when they do a great job flossing.


Another way to motivate your kids to floss correctly is to play games that will teach them to floss. Take some construction paper to build replicas of teeth or use parts of egg cartons. Next, put some playdough on the teeth you made to represent the plaque. Have them take some floss and use it to get rid of plaque.

When they use floss, correct your kids if they take a wrong step. This and other similar games not only demonstrate what’s going on with their teeth, they will also emphasize the importance of flossing and provide a fun and unique way to learn!

Fun Floss

Another way for your kids to learn correct flossing is to use some fun flossing tools. Instead of using a standard floss string, use a floss pick with fun shapes and colors kids will love. Some of these floss picks are specially designed for kids since they have better grip than standard floss picks.

In addition to selecting fun floss picks, use different flavors of floss targeted towards kids. Using floss with both a fun taste and look will not only motivate your kids to floss, it will also motivate them to do it correctly.


Next time you have trouble teaching your kids to floss correctly, try out the steps outlined here to get your kids on to the path of better dental health!

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