5 Characteristics of a Good Dentist

5 Characteristics that Make a Good Dentist

Dentists today must do so much more than just simply check out patients’ teeth. A great dentist needs a variety of skills to allow him to accurately examine teeth while limiting patient discomfort. Below are just a few of the qualities that I have found to be very important when choosing the right dentist.


The first quality to look for in a dentist is their reputation. Dentists who have practiced for even a short while will develop a reputation that sticks with them. Before deciding on a new dentist you should always ask around and learn as much as you can about them. The older the dentist, the more information you will likely find on them. Check to see if the dentist has a website with patient reviews. Another important factor is education. Your dentist should have a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), as well as keeping up on new dental practices. Be sure to ask your dentist what they do to keep up on modern practices.


The second quality you should look for when choosing a dentist is that they are good communicators. A good dentist should not only have a plan to care for and correct problems with your teeth, but they should have a good idea of the costs for each procedure. While some dentists may try to hide the out of pocket price to their patients, a good dentist will let you know right away about how much everything will cost. A dentist with good communication skills not only creates a trusting doctor-patient relationship but also a helps to avoid later problems. Likewise, communication is necessary for a dentist to explain the possible options that their patients can choose. While many dental procedures are very complex, a good dentist will explain the procedure in terms so that the patient will understand.


The third quality that I found to be important when choosing a dentist is that they are professional. This means a number of different things. A professional dentist should value cleanliness. Not only should they keep a tidy office and clean up after each patient, but they should also look the part themselves. Another part of being a professional, is knowing what information is important and what should be left unsaid. A dentist should never diagnose problems outside their area of practice.


The fourth quality that you should look for before choosing your dentist is that they are caring. A dentist should always value their patient’s well-being first. Some dentists may try to suggest options for their own monetary benefit when there are less expensive, more practical options available. A good dentist will explain the positives and negatives of every option so that the customer may choose on their own. Also, they will share in the interests of the patient by giving their honest opinion. As a patient it is also very comforting going through any procedure when you feel as though your dentist really cares and isn’t just working for a paycheck.


The fifth quality that is important when choosing a dentist is your own intuition. While there are many different factors that you can look at, the most important thing is how you feel about the dentist. If you get a feeling of distrust or feel like your dentist doesn’t truly care for you or your kid’s well-being, then there is no reason to continue going back to them. A good dentist will relate well with their patients and let them know that they are not just there to clean their teeth but to converse and enjoy each other’s company.